One of Sonos's preferred development teams, New Media Squad, successfully launched LEVEL1 - a bespoke music service for your repertoire broadcasting directly to potentially millions of Sonos devices around the world. 

Owning your own LEVEL1 music service allows you to:

  • Broadcast directly to consumers (households) and businesses (shops, hotels, gyms, restaurants). 

  • Present your songs, albums and playlists anyway you like. 

  • Organize and monetize house concerts or invite super fans for unique listening experiences (behind the scenes, live interviews, jam sessions, studio sessions).

  • Set your own pricing model for audio events, monthly subscription or any monetization model you like. Consumers and business owners pay you directly.

  • Capture valuable consumer information (GDPR compliant).

  • Add unique identifiers (blockchain enabled) to track & trace your songs.

  • Log play-out locations, total plays and other relevant usage data.

For the first time you are able to link the actual usage of streaming music in households and businesses to the actual rightsholders who should get paid. Fair & instant pay for play. 


customers INCLUDE



ALBUM | Unique album release
Shine the spotlight on one of your new album releases. Your service can be a unique album release available on Sonos. You don’t have to stick to a list of tracks. You can add audio stories from the artist(s), unique studio material or even guitar or keyboard lessons and karaoke versions. Broadcast in HiFi FLAC quality as opposed to AAC or MP3? No problem.

PLAYLIST | Mood based playlists
Sonos is the leading wireless HiFi system used at home. Together we can design and develop playlists perfect for specific moods, settings and events. A playlist for a children’s party on Sunday afternoon, catching up with your best friends in the garden, a romantic dinner for two, warming up for a night out. Your service can become the #1 destination on Sonos for creating the ‘right vibe’ at home.

LIVE | Share a special moment with super fans
Are you or your artists interested in going the extra mile for super fans? Organize a private, exclusive house concert! Do not take a plane to the other side of the planet, just press the ‘live broadcast’ button on your secure LEVEL1 control panel and instantly stream to the super fan’s home that has opted-in and paid for this unique event.


You are in control

  • Decide which content is available when and where.

  • In charge of the business model: freemium, paid, premium.

  • Charge consumers via your own paywall and get paid instantly.

  • Link and promote your service online and offline.

  • Incentivize consumers to register and share information.

  • All (opt-in) consumer data captured via your service is available to you.


Your Revenue Model

People who buy and own Sonos systems are spending, above average, money on their music experience at home. With your own LEVEL1 music service you are in the driver’s seat to persuade them to spend more. Based on combined expertise and without limiting your own imagination, we suggest to investigate:

  • Sensation; Unique experiences for a one-time fee, like a concert ticket.

  • Convenience; Mood based playlists, monthly subscription, like Netflix.

  • Adoration; VIP access to content for super fans. Subscription or gift cards.


Your Budget

LEVEL1 is an affordable, cost effective way of monetizing your music. 

The first thing you should know: Sonos will NOT charge you for onboarding and showcasing your music service on their platform. All the revenue generated with your music service is yours. Similar to selling your music on your own website.

New Media Squad will assist you to break down the project financials: from the initial development costs to a realistic forecast of the operational costs linked to your customer & revenue growth.

New Media Squad has been selected by leading streaming music services like iHeartRadio, Tidal and SiriusXM to develop unique Sonos music services but we are equally proud to work for independent (niche) record labels that are highly motivated to become a major online music destination.  


Your Next Step?

To learn more about LEVEL1 and direct access to millions of households, feel free to contact us.

  1. We will schedule a call or in-person consultation, free of charge.

  2. When you are ready to proceed we will provide you with a proposal that includes time lines, budget and of course our guaranteed deliverables.